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Clinical & Data
Our Services

Clinical Solutions

  • Clinical trial design and management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Clinical development and research
  • Immediate access to largest patient registry in the US
  • Build and grow patient registries and networks
  • Patient recruitment strategies, how to market to patients, train doctors, helping to grow your clinic network
  • Post-marketing clinical support

Data Solutions

  • Data analysis and insights
  • Data management
  • Database solutions
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting and data visualizations
  • Practice management
  • Technology solutions (clinical data management system)
Our Capabilities

Developing Patient Registries

  • Own and operate the largest collection of cannabis certification clinics in North America
  • We have built the largest medical cannabis patient registry in the US with over 100,000 unique patients per year
  • Establishing medical cannabis patient registries in Canada, UK and South America

Leveraging Proprietary Technology

  • Support the development of standardized clinical practices across each National Registry
  • Customized to fit the needs of each local market
  • Cannabis specific workflows
  • Established electronic data capture tool and deployment of clinical trial protocols to support Research Projects
  • Clinical Decision Support tools powered by data and clinical research

Generating Real-World Data, Real-World Insights and Clinical Research

  • Operating as a niche CRO
  • Publishing independent and industry sponsored studies (Retrospective/ Prospective)
  • Fully outsourced business unit to generate independent claims data on cannabis-based medicines and delivery mechanisms
  • Supported by a complimentary global aggregate data set
Why CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights can increase your ROI with faster turnaround and quicker execution.

Turnkey, comprehensive CRO services to recruit patients, build patient registries, and conduct research and data analytics.

Established in the medical cannabis space, offering contract research services using existing, standardized workflows and proprietary technology.

Experienced with ability to work with sponsors worldwide.

Existing infrastructure of established medical cannabis patient registries operating with our technology can produce both retrospective and prospective research.

If you’re a sponsor outside of the US, leverage our experience to build your clinic networks and develop your patient registries.

Every aspect of the clinical trial process can be managed by our suite of technology solutions.

The research workflow is fully integrated with our technology which can be used for standardized data collection management and analysis.

Who We Serve
CB2 Insights not only serves its core customer base but our data is leveraged by an extensive group of industry stakeholders