Together at CB2 Insights.
Driving an Emerging Industry Forward Through Actionable Insights
We build evidence-based, data-driven, tools that are best-in-breed and world-class through and through.
We inspire the industry every day through our software and services that not only exceed expectations but fuel new ones.
We empower our team to do what they believe is right and give them the room to drive initiatives from start to finish.
The whole is always greater…
A game-changing organization never comes down to the work of a single person. At CB2, we dig in, we work hard and we definitely have some fun along the way. Late nights and early mornings are never mandatory, but they can often occur because of the sheer excitement and pride that each of our teams around the world have for what we do every day to help evolve an industry.
We are data-driven
Everything we do is driven by the data that we collect and the value we provide back into the industry. We champion every insight that our solutions create.
We never give up
Life can get hard but we never give up. We know that our teammates have our back and will support us to the finish line. We run hard and know we’ve got fans all around us.
We seize every opportunity
Every prospective partner, system integration, feature request is a potential opportunity. We leave no stone unturned and optimize every outcome.
We are all one
We are a family. Everyone plays their role and everyone is a key component. We succeed together and therefore always work towards the greater good for all of us.